“AM Architecture competently developed an idea that fit perfectly with our vision. The process couldn’t have been any simpler or more efficient. The design is what we’ve always dreamed for our home addition and AM Architecture helped make it a reality.”
-John Bradshaw, Home Owner & Client

"Adam would take our ideas and perfect them and every time we got a new set of drawings back, we loved how he improved on what we gave him... The home Adam designed is perfect for us and the process couldn’t have been smoother or more enjoyable."
-Tim & Brittany Altimus, Pittsburgh, PA


Why Hire An Architect?

Why hire an Architect?

If you are looking to build a new home or office building, you may be asking yourself – Do I need an Architect?  As with any construction project, budget is at the top of the list of concerns.  While hiring an architect does add to the overall cost of the project, working with an architect often will result in lower overall expenses by anticipating and managing many of the potentially expensive pitfalls of the building process.  An architect will ensure timely communication and coordination among all building trades and consultants to eliminate many additional expenses.  An architect is a licensed professional, trained, experienced and an owner’s best advocate for ensuring a properly designed, cost-effective building.

At AM Architecture we believe that as your architect our most important role is to listen to your needs and craft a building design that perfectly fits your vision.  This is our definition of the value of an architect.  We want to begin the process with you and guide you through all the possibilities for your project from even before the first sketches are drawn, to the day you walk through your front door.  Architecture is an art.  It is also the medium for bringing your ideas to physical reality.  AM Architecture is passionate about translating your dreams into a structure that suits your needs and adds beauty to the ground it touches.

Residential Stock Plan vs. Custom Design?  AM Architecture believes that each new home should reflect the people and, equally as important, the natural landscape that it will inhabit for generations to come.  More often than not, a home will be built on a site with very unique features that should be respected and embraced rather than dismissed as an afterthought.  Our approach is to prepare a comprehensive study of each site; identifying the topographical conditions, prevailing winds, solar exposure and important views, to name a few.  This information will act as a natural guide for the layout of the home – taking full advantage of its natural surroundings while respecting the environment within the design.  From there each room, each window, each step you take through your home will be a result of our personal collaboration with you; bringing to life the best possible solutions to your family’s needs.  Stock plans are generic in the sense that they do not allow for this harmonious relationship between the environment and owner.  They are also around every corner.  Imagine driving a car that was custom made for you alone and your personality; at AM Architecture we can give you a “one-of-a kind” home that is in complete harmony with its surroundings and, most importantly, a complete reflection of you.

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